What is Beauty Jadore?

Beauty Jadore is a blog for beauty and style bloggers to submit a promotion that will be viewed by other bloggers and new viewers that may be new to your blog. Your posts must include a brief description of the things you blog, and an image. Viewers can discover other blogs as a source of inspiration, ideas, and reblog. Also, the blog will talk about current events involving beauty and style, give tips to new beauty and style bloggers, and sales for beauty ad style items. Oh and I almost forgot, I will be promoting your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Google+, Digg, and StumbleUpon.


Submit a post with your link title and a brief description that will attract followers and I will post it. (You can only post three times a day)

Please send the post to my email address beautyjadoreblog@gmail.com

You have to follow the blog

You must be a beauty or style blogger (I will be checking each and every submission)

Your blogs must be of high quality and updated on a regular basis

You must have one image and up to 5 sentences.


If you do not fulfill these rules you will be deleted.

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